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Inner Alchemy: Making Ourselves Big Enough to Love Our Pain

June 7, 14, 21, 28 6-7:30pm

Many of us carry around grief and anger related to trauma and past life events.  Western psychotherapy primarily focuses on tactics for “coping” and “letting go.”  At best, you get to a place of “acceptance,” in which you accept what happened and stop letting it control your life.  We focus on letting go, moving past it, etc., because we have been conditioned to believe we are only big enough to contain shadow OR light, happiness OR pain, and that we cannot fit both at one time.  Thus, we work to banish or overcome our pain in order to make room for happiness, peace, and joy.

This online four class series shifts the focus away from “letting go” “moving on” or “coping” and instead focuses on expanding ourselves to make ourselves big enough for our sorrow and our joys to co-exist inside of us simultaneously.  Rather than banishing or shunning our pain, or at best, being at peace with it, strategies will be introduced for learning to love our pain as much as we love our joy.  Drawing on nature-based, shamanic healing practices, this course will introduce daily practices for shifting our mindset and expanding our consciousness so that we may contain both darkness and light, happiness and sorrow, trauma and healing, at the same time.  We will strive to extend the ancient archetype of unconditional love to every single moment of our lives, as each is part of our story.

While this course draws on Shamanic wisdom and practices as well as the philosophy of Carl Jung, it is an original curriculum.

Each session runs from 6pm-7:30pm on Tuesday nights in June via Zoom.

Cost for all four sessions is $125/ per person, with a limit of 12 participants

All participants will also receive one Auracle card reading, to be scheduled separately.

Tuesday, June 7th  Week 1: Moving beyond “Letting it go”
 Tuesday, June 14th  Week 2: Storing pain in our heart instead of our head
Tuesday, June 21st: Week 3: Shamanic healing and lessons from nature
Tuesday, June 28th: Week 4: Shadow and Light: a Marriage

Register here. We will respond within 24 hours with further instructions.
Questions about the course can be sent to gaiahealthandwisdom@gmail.com

Kimberly Engels is a spiritual healer training through The Sanctuary Shamanic Healing Center Path of the Warrior curriculum. She also holds a PhD in philosophy.